Wednesday, January 20, 2016

One Fifty Food Place

One Fifty Food Place in Maginhawa St. is an upgrade from Mercato Centrale. They basically have the same concept where there is a number of small food businesses put together into one place. I say this is an upgrade because, the lighting is beautiful. All the food stalls, instead of your normal table, have their own designs and mini-restaurant type vibe. Most of the restaurants even have a second level with a few tables, which is perfect if you want to get away and chill.  

Molcajete Mexican Cantina

I ordered the Pollo Asada, it was 125 for 2 pieces. I found this too expensive since there was just a few pieces of meat and veggies in the taco, and it lacked depth. For this kind of taco, I will only pay 80-100 pesos.  

Sticky Pig

Initially, I wanted to order the ribs since that's their specialty but since i'm trying to stay away from pork I ended up with the Jerk chicken. The Jerk Chicken comes with a side(fries/rice) and coleslaw for 175 pesos. In my case, I got fries but it was not complementary to the entire dish. And also instead of using boneless chicken they used the thigh quarters. It's really small and not satisfying, more similar to inasal rather than jerk chicken. To add another point, you couldn't really smell the spices as they were cooking the meat.  

Streets of Saigon: A taste of Vietnam

Since I was really craving for some good Bahn Mi, I was really drawn to Streets of Saigon, so I ordered Bahn Mi with chicken and Spring Rolls. The Bahn Mi, was mediocre to say the least, the flavor was there but the bread was hard, and there were too little vegetables. Although for 125 pesos per order, I guess this could be expected. Similarly, the Spring Rolls, were not all all appealing to the senses and was very expensive at 180 pesos. If you asked me to describe it right now, I couldn't because it was forgettable.

Overall, I was able to try 3/10 of the food stalls here in One Fifty Food Place and I still plan on coming back to try the 7 stalls. Although, a tad disappointed, this place is ideal for college students with limited budget to get reasonably good food for less.

Wicked Meter:

One Fifty Food Place
150 Maginhawa St, Sikatuna Village,Diliman, Quezon City